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the sow thistle (Sonchus oleraceus), a weedy herb of the daisy family having livestock palatability


Resources on Pasture-Raised Meat

Why choose pasture-raised meat?  This question can bring up many more...

Is it good for me?
The popular phrase, "you are what you eat," may immediately bring to mind the size of your last meal, but it also alludes to what you eat.  Much research has been done on the health benefits of pasture-raised meat to help you make eating choices that are right for you and your family.

Is it good for the planet?
If you want the lowdown on pasture-raised meat, it's good to have an understanding of meat production. It's also important to know the environmental and animal welfare benefits of forage-based animal production.

Does it taste good?
If you choose pasture-raised meat, do you know how to prepare it?

To help you in your quest for information, below are links to pages offering articles, blogs, books, brochures, cookbooks and videos. 

Books and /Brochures
Tips and Recipes for Cooking Pasture-Raised Beef