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Where to Get Grass-Fed Beef on Hawai’i Island

Handy Alphabetized List of Retailers and Restaurants 2011
Retailers are listed in bold. Info is subject to change.

CC Jon’s Snack In Shoppe, Honoka‘a-775-0414
JJ’s Country Market, Honoka‘a-775-7744
Malama Market, Honoka‘a-775-0631

Tex Drive In, Honoka‘a-775-0598

Café Pesto-969-4858
Don’s Grill-935-9099

Hilo Bay Cafe Carpaccio

Hilo Bay Cafe Carpaccio

Hilo Bay Café-935-4939
Hilo Hawaiian Hotel’s Queen Court-935-9361
Keaukaha Market-935-5535
Kuhio Grille-959-2336
KTA Super Stores: Puainako St.- 935-3731, Keawe St.-935-3731
Island Naturals Market & Deli-935-5533

Mino’s Restaurant-981-5700
Nori’s Saimin & Snacks-935-9133
Sack ‘n Save-935-3113
Verna’s Drive In-935-2776

East Hawai‘i-South
Da Store, Hawaiian Beaches (Pahoa)-965-8192
Foodland, Kea‘au-966-9316
J Hara Store, Kuristown-966-5462

KOA Shop Kaffee, Mountain View-968-1129
Malama Market, Pahoa-965-2105
Pahoa Cash & Carry-965-8216

Verna’s, Kea‘au-966-9288
Verna’s Too, Mountain View-968-8774
Volcano Store-967-7210

Island Market, Na‘alehu-929-7527

North Kohala
Kahua Ranch-882-7954
Takata Store, Hawi-889-5261

Daniel Thiebaut Restaurant-887-2123
Healthways II-885-6775
KTA Super Store-885-8866

Huli Sue’s BBQ & Grill-885-6268
Mauna Lani Bay Hotel & Bungalows-885-6655

Merriman's grass-fed beef

Merriman's grass-fed beef

Paniolo Country Inn-885-4377
Red Water Café-885-9299
Village Burger-885-7319

Kohala Coast/Waikoloa Village
Four Seasons Resort Hualalai-325-8000
Buzz’s Sand Trap, Waikoloa Beach Resort-886-8797
Foodland Farms, Shops at Mauna Lani-887-6101
Island Gourmet Market, Waikoloa Queens’ MarketPlace-886-3577

Merriman’s Market Café, Waikoloa Kings’ Shops-886-1700
Roy’s Waikoloa Bar & Grill, Waikoloa Kings’ Shops-886-4321
Tommy’s Bahama Restaurant & Bar, Mauna Lani Resort-881-8686
Waikoloa Village Market-883-1088

Choice Mart Super Market, Captain Cook-323-3994
Harbor House, Honokohau Marina-326-4166
Holuakoa Café, Holualoa-322-2233
Humpy’s Big Island Ale House, Kailua-Kona-324-2337
Island Lava Java Bistro & Grill, Kailua-Kona-327-2161
Island Naturals Market & Deli: Kailua-Kona-326-1122, Kainaliu-930-7550
Keauhou Beach Resort-332-3441
Kona Natural Foods, Kailua-Kona-329-2296
KTA Super Stores: Kailua-Kona-329-1677, Keauhou-322-2311

Mi’s Italian Bistro, Captain Cook-323-3880
Oshima Brothers Store, Kainaliu-322-3844
Ultimate Burger, Kailua-Kona-329-2326

To Purchase Beef in Bulk
Hawaii Beef Producers, Pa‘auilo-776-1109 or JJ’s Country Market, Honoka‘a-775-7744
Kahua Ranch, North Kohala-882-4646
Kulana Foods, Hilo-959-9144

Hawaii Grass-fed beef

Hawaii Grass-fed beef

To locate Hawaii Ranchers Hawaiian Red Veal-885-5599

Taste of the Hawaiian Range Tips for Purchasing Big Isle Grass-Fed Beef

Save the Date
9.30.2011 for the 2011 Mealani’s Taste of the Hawaiian Range


What is Natural Farming?

Recently, natural farming has become a buzzword in Hawaiʻi with sustainable agricultural methods. But what is natural farming and what makes it so unique? According to Cho Global Natural Farming (CGNF) and the organization’s founder, Master Cho – natural farming is an agricultural method that “utilizes natural resources made locally by farmers themselves with natural farm by-products aided by locally available indigenous micro-organisms (IMO) instead of using herbicides and pesticides.” Farmers are able to farm vegetables, fruits and livestock at a minimum cost and have agricultural products that are healthy, tasty and good for you and the environment.

Oriental Herb Nutrient

Oriental Herbal Nutrient materials fermenting in glass jars.

Indigenous Micro-Organisms (IMO)
In many Asian countries and especially in Korea, farmers have been culturing IMO’s as part of revitalizing soil depleted of minerals, organic matter and nutrients. IMO’s are naturally found in forested areas that are in their natural state or other highly vegetated areas. The natural farming method uses IMO’s to encourage soil health and improve crop production. For those who are busy at work but do backyard farming, KTA Super Stores has small bags of prepared IMO in their garden section.

Natural Farming Workshops at CTAHR

Instructor Kim Chang

Instructor Kim Chang uses watercress to make Fermented Plant Juice.

Natural farmer instructor, Kim Chang, demonstrated and shared her knowledge at a recent workshop for Department of Hawaiian Home Land farmers and residents. We watched her prepare an Oriental Herbal Nutrient (OHN) with gigantic angelica root, cinnamon bark, licorice root, garlic and ginger. Several glass containers were filled with the dry ingredients, brown sugar, vodka and/or beer to increase fermentation. Fermented Plant Juice (FPJ) was made with watercress and bananas. Chang shared that the origin of FPJ began with fermented kimchi which has microbes and probiotics which are healthy for humans. The OHN and FPJ methods looked and smelled “natural” unlike the strong odors of chemical fertilizers.

Chang shared that “Natural Farming is creative, fun and healthy for everyone! Start collecting jars and make your OHN in small amounts first. Then later you can begin to make larger amounts as you see the benefits.” She smiled as she prepared and demonstrated how to make a Fish Amino Acid (FAA) with fish heads, brown sugar, IMO and OHN in a large cooler. The FAA “juice” is diluted with water and sprayed onto compost, soil and leaf surfaces to help with nutrient absorption.

Fish heads

Fish heads with sugar begin the process of a Fish Amino Acid mixture.

The Odorless Piggery and the Hubbell Bubble Chicken Coop
As part of sustainable agriculture, natural farming methods are currently being used with swine production. Mike DuPonte, UH-CTAHR Livestock Extension Agent learned about South Korea’s natural farming techniques and created a small-scale system on Hawaiʻi Island that has been successful. The piggery is almost odorless, nearly free of flies and has happy healthy clean pigs! Learn more about the natural farming piggery, DuPonte’s publication, The Sweet Smell of Success: The Odorless Piggery.

Another natural farming project was the Hubbell Bubble Chicken Coop for small scale poultry production. The airy large chicken coop designed by Mike Hubbell allows chickens to roam freely and has comfortable nesting areas for laying eggs. The Hubbell Bubble can be easily assembled in a few hours and the lightweight features make it easy to move. The eggs from Mike Hubbell have a rich golden yolk color, are large in size and delicious!

Contact Info
Natural farming crops and livestock are another way to improve the quality of life here in Hawaiʻi. Natural farming provides a safe and effective farming environment that produces food for our tables that taste good and are healthy. To learn more about natural farming methods, to attend a workshop or a meeting, contact CTAHR Extension Agents, Mike DuPonte at and Glenn Sako at or at 808-981-5199.